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Postmodern genocide

Many tribal groups — especially isolated tribes — distinguish between themselves and others with words usually translated as:

-“people” for the tribe

-“non-people” for others

Generally, these terms evolve as contact with other peoples occurs, and similarities between the in-group and out-group are realized. Language and concomitant concepts tend to evolve in a ‘social-evolutionary’ manner, but in-group and out-group designations remain consistent at an as-such level: in-tribe and not-in-tribe, in-nation and not-in-nation, in-ethnicity and not-in-ethnicity, in-race and not-in-race, etc. Any group that loses all such linguistic distinction loses all social and biological distinction as well — they become extinct.

Postmodern deconstruction is genocide.


The Extended Individual

Unfortunately, the English language does not contain a word sufficient to describe the individual-in-context, describing only the decontextualized being, which is an abstraction of an abstraction — a 2nd-order abstraction — which violates the Queue’s Law: A cognitive-semantic reference can survive one degree of abstraction ONLY.

The Western-Aristotelean worldview limits “personhood,” the “human being,” or the “individual” to the ‘hard’ boundary of his or her soft epidermis, and cannot refer to the individual-

1. through time per genetic inheritance — we are but recursions of our ancestors;

2. laterally through space — we are elements in a larger biological system made up of our biological relations; and

3. upward — we cannot describe contact through the psychic planes, which I have experienced irrefutably, first hand.

Per the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, the lack of terms for these realities means lack of ability to perceive them. All Western languages need a cognitive-semantic overhaul.

Two Rocks

‘Two Rocks’ by Zag Zygg

Here is a rock. It is not a pebble, stone, or boulder. It is a rock.

Here is another rock. It, too, is not disputed as such, neither in measure of scope nor scale.

Yet these two rocks are unalike in any measurable dimension: size, shape, color, weight, mass, elemental composition…

The question: So how are they both “rocks”?

The answer: the Social Construct. They are both rocks because everyone agrees they are both rocks. Without the social construct, language would be impossible; thus, cognition would be impossible, and so our “species” (so called) would not exist — we would, instead, be some pre-cognitive animal acting entirely on instinct. Civilization, or indeed anything remotely resembling it, would not exist.

The taxonomy, on the other hand, is nonsense. It relies entirely on missing evidence to create its categories. Its most relevant category — species — does not even have a definition; instead, groups of creatures that share traits are grouped together, and distinguished from their closest relatives that are not in the category. The designations — the name of each species — is a “bright line.” It’s not fuzzy, or else the entirety of the taxonomic concept would be meaningless. Thus, there was a ‘first of each species’ whose parents were not of the same species, creating a new species likely by a single genetic mutation on one SNP. That first member then had to interbreed with members of the parent species, presumably passing on the mutation to half its offspring. (Play that through; it’s too long to go through…) Eventually, the parent trait becomes extinct, leaving only the mutation. THAT is when the species truly becomes defined, but the species itself existed long before the taxonomic definition.

The definition of species I was taught at Berkeley was something like: “Only two members of the same species can interbreed and produce fertile offspring.” It turns out to be nonsense; for example, every genus in family Canidae contains species that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring. In 2012, a female liger mated with a male lion, and gave birth to a LILIGER. (I kid you not; look it up.)

The taxonomy is fiction. The social construct describes something resembling reality. Wittgenstein coined a term for this idea: a Family Resemblance Category.

Taxonomy is fiction. Cladistics is the rational, non-ideological approach to classification of living creatures. The social construct, however, is not wrong. Construct means merely a linguistic grouping, like two “rocks.” The operative term there is “social,” not construct. Anthropologist use the term to distinguish between those with PhDs, and those without, and represent themselves as an infallible priesthood, but anthropology is not a science — it’s not even rational or rigorous — and the taxonomy they produce is far inferior to the social construct in reliability.
~Zag Zygg

Quit Quitting: An infinite regress

I quit quitting smoking again. Yep, the usual belief that “I can have just one” got me again… I can’t tolerate smoking an entire cig, so I just take a couple puffs at this point.

So I’m sitting there, taking my couple puffs, and a thought occurred to me: “Smoking a cigarette sure would be enjoyable after this… cigarette.”

That’s when I realized: The addiction was consuming itself in an infinite regress of need. A couple puffs, or an entire carton — no amount of inhaled poison would ever be enough.

Time to quit quitting quitting. Again.

A Turtle

I don’t intend to alienate anyone with political posts, or my rantings — when it is I rant — about anything, really. There are plenty of blogs and vlogs for that, many of which I’ve often read and watched. I’d intended this blog to be more literary and thoughtful. I considered deleting my previous posting, but I will let it stay, with the present disclaimer.

That said, I’m currently in no mood for politics. Forever, if necessity or common sense demand. Politics have done NOTHING positive for me. It’s like an addiction: It seems promising at first, but before you know it, it does nothing but take from you. Politics can cost you relationships with those closest, and most important to you. And for what? Something you have no control over, and can’t benefit you in any way.

Don’t believe the hype about activism. Politics as a whole may matter, but to the individual, unless it’s paying your bills, it’s nothing but heartache, delusion, and wasted effort.

And that’s exactly what happened this morning. I had a fight over politics with someone dear, though not so near to me, and I dropped her from my Facebook. That might not seem like the most serious rift, but it’s one of the last lines of communication we had, and it represents a deeper, more serious rift between us. It was a long time coming. We’ve been drifting apart for at least the last year, if not the past decade…

But the loss of her in this way still highlights the damaging effect of politics in my life.

I’ve lost my taste for it, and I am angry at myself, as well as at her. She is equally to blame for letting the political come between us, though I will admit the rift did not begin with our vastly differing worldviews. It’s always about relationships. With other people, within each of us, and, of course, between us.

But I don’t want to hear, see, or think about politics. I want to focus right now on something I have some control or influence over, that doesn’t make me want to kill someone, that doesn’t cause division and strife with the most important people in my life. I want only to spend my time and energy on things that could lead to something productive, some improvement in my life.

Politics is nothing but bad news.

The truth is, though it’s been 14 years since we were a couple, I’ll never stop loving her. I’ve told her that numerous times, but I’m pretty sure she never believed it. She doesn’t understand how that could be, and so she dismisses it.

Deep exhalation. Centering myself.

I’ll use this adversity, this tragedy of 40 acts, as an opportunity. There is nothing quite so motivating as loss in sparking the creative drive. Or so I’ve found. Even when it creeps slowly up toward you, so slowly and steadily you can watch it coming over the course of years, yet still not be able to prevent its inevitable arrival.

A few minutes ago I saw a turtle crawling across my driveway from my bedroom window. I rushed downstairs to get a closer look at it, though I’ve no idea what my hurry was about. It was only a foot from where I’d first seen it when I got outside.

There it was, slowly creeping across the concrete, and into the grass, though I don’t know if he even knew where he was going. I tried having a cordial conversation with the little fella — a box turtle with a carapace about five inches from front to back. He stopped his jaunty jog, and eyed me suspiciously for a minute or two, then went off on his merry way again. Not that one can actually tell if a turtle is merry. But at least he didn’t retreat into his shell. Or her shell. Whatever the hell.

So I just let her go. She is gone now. I’ll miss her. Forever, I’m sure.

And so I’m reminded of my favorite poem, by Ogden Nash.

“The Turtle”

The turtle lives ‘twixt plated decks
Which practically conceal its sex.
I think it clever of the turtle
In such a fix to be so fertile.

The West in Serious Trouble

Democrats today are the equivalent of the Republicans in the ’90s: Nutjobs who will bog down the country in constant investigations and accusations of “impeachable offenses” for the entirety of this presidency, which will have an inevitably weakening effect on the country.

The Republican 104th – 106th House Judiciary Committees were the beginning of the end for this country, the Neocon Bush Administration was the next step. The Obama Administration the third step. The Hillary Clinton admin was supposed to seal the deal.

Fact is, somehow, anti-American, anti-Western “forces” have gained all the power within this country, and in Europe, and they are close — very close — to the permanent destruction of Western Civilization. Electing Donald Trump gave us a tiny glimmer of hope, but they’ll NEVER stop trying to be rid of him, and be rid of US, the American people, and “Westerners” as a whole, as long as they’re in power.

We need to gain the heart to be rid of them. It won’t be easy. People have gotten too fat, too lazy, too dependent, and too ignorant.I hate to say it, but they rely entirely on one thing: Demographic appeals to women and non-white minorities. It’s classic Marxist ‘divide and conquer’ by looking for the weak points, the soft spots.

Things are worse than people realize. North Korea is taking advantage of Western instability, and firing missile tests that can reach Japan and the US. We need to take them out, but we can’t. They have a million-man standing army, are backed by China, and we don’t have the heart for war, and they know it.

Also, China has gotten their hands on EVERY American top secret piece of technological information on defense, including nuclear technology, and industrial technology that we have. They’ve just stolen it. HOW THE FUCK DID WE LET THAT HAPPEN? Why were those things online to steal? Why were they not 1960s-style TS-Compartmentalized on paper-only? There’s more going on here than meets the eye.

South Korea has seen the writing on the wall, and elected a government aligned with China. We’re about to lose the Korean War. Fuck. We essentially had that won 70 fucking years ago!

That will topple Japan. They won’t be able to resist Chinese hegemony. Europe will go. We will go, along with the rest of the Anglosphere.

We will be under the thumb of unelected globalist overlords, and China. Forever. “We the People” will NEVER have autonomy again. We will live under dictatorship forever.

And I’m sure no one will lift a finger other than to post the latest cat meme.

Most of elected members of Congress are under the thumb of globalists already, on both sides. That’s why they hate Trump so much. Trump is a threat to the bosses of the people we elect to represent us, but actually represent hidden, foreign interests.

This is bad. Really bad. And the few of us who can see it happening are almost powerless — other than the coup of electing Trump and pulling off Brexit, which is still up in the air, by the way.

As soon as they grasped total power over Western media, it was basically a done deal. It took decades, but we don’t have power over our message, as a people, and that’s the beginning of the end.