A response to Muslim terrorism


There’s often talk about being “better than” extremists. That’s another psych-op intended to prevent any action toward self-defense. We’re not better than, and no moralistic position is relevant.

You do what you have to do to protect your society, and your people. Take a hypothetical scenario in which torturing and murdering a billion people would be necessary, and not doing so would result in the genocide of your own people…

Then you torture and murder a billion people. If you have any moralistic hesitation, then you should have no say whatsoever in the decision-making process.

It’s hypothetical. It’s a variation on a ‘reductio ad’ argument. But it outlines the basic principle: You do everything you need to do to protect your people, and maintain a liberal society of free expression for individuals and groups within your society.

Anyone who suggests it’s better to be destroyed than “sink to their level” needs to be marginalized.


Someone asked me, “What if humans are your people?”

What if a group of humans doesn’t believe ‘humans are their people,” and act accordingly. What you’re saying is idealistic, and not based in the real world. Distinction is difference. Can you distinguish one group of so-called “humans” reliably? Can the person next to you reliably make the same distinction? Can someone make the same distinction, and their neighbors make that distinction, and use it to call you an enemy?

The answer to those questions is ‘Yes’. That’s the real world. Family Resemblance Categories. Clustering phenomena. Organic social organization, as opposed to ‘idealistic’ (not based in real-world phenomena).

What if humans are your people, and humans destroy other humans based on distinctions you simply PRETENDED not to see? That’s what you’re recommending.

You’re playing nonsense games with language. I know it comes from a good place, you have no malice, but it’s another effect of the Bubble of the Success of Western Culture that causes a detachment from pragmatic, realistic understanding of relevant categories.

Besides, humans is not a species. There are no extant human species. “Human” is a genus. The picture above is a “human”… Homo habilis. It had a brain just larger than a walnut, was about 3-4 feet tall, covered with fur, could not use language, only used basic tools, but it could walk upright, though hunched over.

Excuse the following sarcasm, but I have a major reorganization in thinking to accomplish:

But why stop at humans? Why not include Family Hominidae? Chimpanzees and bonobos are your brethren. Power to the chimps!!

Keep going. Include all mammals. Naked mole rats are your brothers and sisters,

Phylum Chordata. Everything with a spine is related to you.

Kingdom Animalia. Slugs are people, too!

Selecting “humans” as your people is almost arbitrary. They share the ability to use language, and a few other basic similarities, but a close ancestor to Eurasians — but not sub-Saharan Africans — the Neanderthals, could not use much more than grunts and hand signals, and they went extinct so recently that one should consider them effectively “us” if you are White or Asian.

What ultimately matters is: What people will continue your culture? If you think all humans are the same, you’re deliberately creating a cognitive blindspot, using selective attention, and ideology over thought, and you will be surprised about just how narrow a group the real answer to that question is.


You don’t have any thoughts. You don’t have any ideas. You don’t have values or feelings, either. What you have, and what you have ONLY, is ‘fractal adumbrations’ — primordial echoes of all the evolutionary stresses your ancestors survived, and (IMPORTANTLY) that their brothers, sisters, and cousins did NOT survive.

That’s it. That’s all there is.

You cannot replaced that with someone who shares no common ancestry for the past 5000 to 200,000 years and expect them to have the same thoughts, ideas, values, to create the same culture, have the same in-group identity or inter-group attitudes, the same economic success, have the same anything. The Selfish Gene, and the genetic imperative wants you, and the legacy of your ancestors, GONE.

That’s it. That’s all there is.

You have ONE JOB, and it’s not the one that signs your paycheck every week or so per the employment contract, but is secretly trying to steal everything they can from you.

That ONE JOB is to create a safe, prosperous environment for your descendants, and the descendants of your close relatives. And you’re not doing it. You’re not doing your ONLY fucking job.

You let someone else, someone who you don’t even know who they fucking are, talk you out of doing your only job, so that they can get an advantage for their descendants at the expense of yours.

It may not happen in your lifetime (and maybe it will), but your children, your grandchildren, their children, will experience a type of violent brutality that you’ve never seen in real life, you’ve never seen on TV or movies, that you cannot even fucking IMAGINE, but which THEY will see FIRST-HAND as it is committed upon them and everyone they love.

At that moment, they will curse you for not doing your job. You won’t be there to hear, so I will do it for them now:

FUCK YOU. You had one job, and you didn’t do it. I’m finding it hard to include my standard “and I love you”… but I do. I must, or I’d not be making this effort, taking this risk. Nonetheless…

Just fuck you. And fuck me, too.


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