Vol-Cel: Glorious Freedom

Becoming vol-cel is the most empowering thing a heterosexual man can do. Entering into the sexual marketplace today is like entering a business negotiation with no leverage; it’s sure to end in a bad deal. But opting-out unlocks all individual power one has. There are no constraints, no manipulation to be subjected to, no tiny cages to which to be relegated in exchange for an occasional treat and pat on the head…

It took a while… a long while… but I’ve come to understand the glorious freedom of this way of life, and I’d only give it up in the most unique and special of circumstances.

I’m not sure I could ever get to this point again if I ever gave it up from here on. It would be more difficult than trying to get sober again. Though it’s different, because alcohol offers absolutely zero payoff, but there is real potential benefit in a “good” sexual relationship… It’s just that it would require a phenomenal level of trust — given that all social, institutional, and legal power is in the hands of women, and that that fact is highly destructive to families and relationships.


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